Donate your Pizza Crawl 11 Registration

  1. Ride bikes®
  2. Eat Pizza®
  3. Enjoy®

Welcome to Pizza Crawl 11

Time to go it alone, well maybe with a few really close friends and a mask 😷♥️. This year's Pizza Crawl is historic, and you are part of it no matter what — if you exist in the universe.

🆒🍕🚲 Make the most of Pizza Crawl 11 by taking on the spirit of the original. Enjoy our collection of local pizzerias serving up hot socially distanced slices, past Pizza Crawl content and swag for you and your closest to enjoy, and a DIY pizza making video courtesy of Frank Pinello.

If you were expecting to register for Pizza Crawl 11, you can Donate Your Registration to FeedMore. 


We're Making a Pizza Crawl 11 Keepsake - HowTo participate:

  1. Ride your bike and eat pizza 🍕🚲®
  2. Capture your Pizza Crawl moments® 📸
  3. Tag #pizzacrawl or your favorite things® 💾
  4. Email your content to us® 💌

HowTo Order Pizza Locally!

HowTo Making Pizza at Home